Fuller Mountain Preserve
This is a small, but very pretty preserve in Warwick, NY and is maintained by the Orange County Land Trust. The blazed trails total just under 2.5 miles, but there's a nice view and a few non-blazed side trails that can be explored.

We parked on the southern side of Bowen Road and using this map first headed north (crossing the road), on the Orange trail, exploring a couple of unmarked trails to the west, before reaching the view over the farmlands north. After taking in the view, we headed back south following the Green trail back to Bowen Road. We then did the southern loop, first skirting the bank of the stream, then crossing it, then climbing the hill (heading north), descending back to the road about 100 yards east of the parking area.

Total distance hiked today was 3.3 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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