Garret Mountain Reservation
The last time we visited this reservation was nearly 9 years ago. At that time we were following a relatively short hike (under 3 miles) which used the eastern part of Yellow and all of the White trail. Back in 2005 there was no map of this area. Today there is! Following this excellent map from 2009, we decided to explore the trails we haven't yet hiked.

We parked in the lot just north of the Benson Memorial we took in the views overlooking Paterson before heading south on Yellow, passing the Observation Tower and continuing all the way to Benson Drive where we headed north on the unblazed gravel path just west of the road. We took this north to the other side of the Observation Tower and then headed west through the area labeled "Stone Steps" picking up White and taking that north to the basketball court where we then headed south on another unblazed path, eventually reaching the eastern bank of Barbour's Pond. Near the southern tip we headed SE on another unblazed path to Yellow, which we took south, then west, then north passing the Abandoned Picnic Grove on the map. We continued on Yellow all the way back to the car.

Total distance hiked was 4.8 miles in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

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Large parking area



...east... Paterson

Heading for...

...the trail

Friendly deer on Yellow


Now giving me the moon

Fall foilage on Yellow

Up the steps to...

...the Observation Tower


Heading south on Yellow

View back to tower

View east

Manhattan skyline

Beautiful basalt


Volcanic basalt and Manhattan

Trail skirts the ridge



Away from ridge

Beautiful rock surface


Approaching... stables

Riding lessons

Old wall

Heading north

Heading somewhere

[Photo by Laura]

Watchung Ridge history

Stones steps on...

...unblazed path

Now on White

Horse trail

Glimpse of Barbour's Pond

Great Blue Egret bolting


Views of...

...fall foliage...

...Barbour's Pond

Male mallard


Canada Geese

Approaching southern tip

Climbing unblazed trail to Yellow

Abandoned Picnic Grove

On Yellow

Huge rock wall

Laura found a friend


Barbour's Pond from southern tip

Fall colors...

from western bank...

...of Barbour's Pond


Striking bastalt...

...on ridge overlooking...

...Barbour's Pond



...of pond...

...from ridge

Bridge on Yellow

One of the park entrances

Steep climb on Yellow

Poor field mouse!

Descending to...

...Communications Tower

On Crow's Nest

WWII memorials


Tank treads

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