Janet Van Gelder Wildlife Sanctuary, South
This is the first time we've visited this very rugged wildlife sanctuary in northern New Jersey, and we plan on returning to do more of the northern part.

Today we parked at the very small pull-off on Derry Mountain Road and headed north into the woods using this map. We did a lollipop hike today, first using the blazed trail heading north, then using an unmarked trail (not on the map) that my friend Daniela used when she hiked this area back in the June, 2016. It's this trail, to the east of the blazed trail, which actually has the views south to the ski slopes of Mountain Creek Ski Resort. And there were people skiing this morning, as you can see in one of the zoom photos in this collection.

Total distance hiked today was 2.6 miles in just over two hours. See you can our track here.

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