Walking Ghillie Dhu

Walking Ghillie Dhu, Chatham Township (5/4/08)

What could be better than spending quality time with our dear, dear friend Carol, putting down two slices of her exquisite (scrumptrulescent, even) blueberry pie, still warm from the oven, topped with generous scoops of Purely Decadent Dairy Free Purely Vanilla soy ice cream? What could be better I ask? Well, a stroll with Carol and her sweet dog Ghillie Dhu through the Great Swamp of New Jersey of course! And on this sunny Sunday afternoon that is exactly what Laura and I did.
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Brook on Swamp Road

Bird feeder in the swamp

In the powerline cut off Swamp Road

The Great Swamp National Park

Looking SW down powerline cut

Walking NE in powerline cut

Ghillie Dhu


Phragmites to the east

Swamp to the west

Eastern Towhee

Skunk cabbage, etc.

Trailhead for the Laurel trail


Powerline close-up

Distant red-tail hawk

Blooming Dogwood


Devil bird


Heading directly south along second powerline cut

Swamp frog


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