Giralda Farms Preserve
We basically stumbled upon this brand new little trail network when visiting St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center earlier this week. Driving north on Woodland Avenue, I noticed a trail kiosk leading into the Giralda Farms property at a gate which has always been closed. A web search yielded articles about a new trail network, considered part of the Loantaka trail network across the street, which was officially opened June 6 of this year! So we headed there today.

Using the map on page 3 of this document, we parked along Loantaka Way, close to the intersection with Woodland Avenue and headed along the paved perimeter path which follows these two roads. We reached the trail entrance after nearly a mile and then did the small trail network in a counter clockwise direction, before returning back to the car.

Total distance hiked was 3 miles in about an hour and five minutes. There are plans on adding more trails but judging by the current appearance, those trails may not be available for some time.

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