Glenhurst Meadows

Glenhurst Meadows (1/25/2015)

Here's another find of those hiking marvels Shawnee and Daniela, who found and hiked this area just two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, the two gals were able to walk easily over frozen swamps and portions of lakes. The prospect of doing the same with my awesome Kahtoola MICROspikes put this at the top of my list in this very cold hiking season. But after consistently low temperatures, well below freezing for weeks, today we had temperatures near 40 F! It was too warm! So no Kahtoola's today, and many paths where we were simply couldn't proceed because of flooding. Nonetheless, it was a total blast exploring as much as we could. Actually there was more to explore but we were running out of time. So we'll be back, probably when the birds return. This area is apparently well-known for birding.

Total distance walked today was 4.5 miles in exactly 3 hours, following for the most part Daniela's track.

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