Goat Hill

Goat Hill, Washington Crossing State Park (4/17/2016)

This is the first of two Central New Jersey preserves we visited today. I had heard of the spectacular view over the Delaware River from the Goat Hill Overlook, but knowing that it was an out-and-back of just one mile, I saved it for when we could do a second preserve not far from this area. Imagine my surprise when, after leaving our backpacks and water in the car, in anticipation of a 30 minute walk, we kept finding unmarked trail after unmarked trail that we had never seen on any map. We even ended up finding two other viewpoints over the Delaware River from different angles! We also saw another trail along the western ridge but decided to save it for another day.

You can see our track here. As luck would have it, when we got home, I searched the internet for a newer map and found one! And it had all the trails we hiked and the one that we saved for another day. For those who want to do more hiking than merely a one-mile gravel road walk, check out the unblazed trails on this map.

Total distance hiked was 2.8 miles in 1.5 hours.

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