Goosepond Mountain State Park
This is Hike #30 ("Goose Pond Mountain") from the book Best Hikes With Dogs: New York City & Beyond (1st Edition, 2007) -- at least we intended this to be that hike. But the park is such a maze of unblazed trails (and almost every blazed one is orange, and none of them seem to be connected), that even a GPS wasn't helpful in following the description in this book. So instead of spending about half of the hike off of Lazy Hill Road and on the trails, we only spent about a third in the woods and the rest on the road. And without a GPS receiver we might have gotten hopelessly lost. Having said that, this is a beautiful park, and quite large. This 6-mile hike didn't even come close to the actual mountain, though the hike offered wonderful views of the mountain at various points. Since no map of the park exists, when we return to hike to the top of the mountain we'll surely bring our GPS receiver and compass, and bushwhack our way. I'm certain the views from the top are spectacular.

In addition to the description in the book, we added a 1-mile round-trip leg to a private cemetery which contained a handful of graves from the 1800s. Total distance covered was at least 6 miles in just over 3 hours.

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Goose Pond Mountain from near the trail head

Walking up Lazy Hill Road

View north to Route 6

Goose Pond Mountain

View west


Leaving Lazy Hill Road

Old tree hugger

Meadow near the mountain

Two roads divurged in a wood [photo by Laura]

Continuing through the meadow

Boundary walls are all over


Lush Sphagnum Moss


Deer antler rub marks

Dan taking previous pic [photo by Laura]

Seely Brook

Seely Brook gentle cascade

Dead raccoon


Lovely cedars

Close-up of antler rub marks

A furry animal didn't fare well here

Goose Pond Mountain

Mourning dove

Spring buds


Exposed face of Goose Pond Mountain

Back to Lazy Hill Road

Laura sees something hop

Two frogs in the marsh

Another view


Lazy Hill Road going south

Abandoned shovel

Mike Meyers from Halloween?

Very old tree

Defunct bridge at Seely Brook

Boards placed over part of it

On the deteriorating bridge


Abandoned bridge over Seely Brook

Dan from bridge [photo by Laura]

Boundary wall and trail


In Davis Family Cemetery

Mills Davis, 1823

Cemetery gate

Bench in meadow

Our lunch spot overlooking mountain

Abandoned steps on Lazy Hill Road

Private shrine

Goose Pond Mountain


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