Stevens & Goshen Mountains

Stevens & Goshen Mountains, Harriman State Park (11/29/2010)

This is a lollipop hike of my own invention which covers a Harriman area we have never previously hiked, Stevens and Goshen Mountains, using mostly the AT and the Ramapo-Dunderberg trail. We parked at the Lake Tiorati parking lot on Arden Valley Road (just west of the Tiorati Circle), in the parking spot right next to the trailhead of the blue-blazed Lake Tiorati trail. This we took to its intersection with the AT (which also happens to co-align with the R-D at this point). We made a right and headed north, continuing on the AT to Stevens Mountain (with a very nice viewpoint), eventually descending to cross over 7 Lakes Drive before making a right onto the R-D to climb Goshen Mountain. At the top we were able to see Arden House in the distance. The top of Goshen is a beautiful peaceful place with limited seasonal views, loads of blueberry bushes and some interesting glacial errata. It's quite unlike any other place in Harriman. We continued on the R-D heading west, descending the mountain, and crossing over 7 Lakes Drive, before returning to the mile-long lollipop stick which we took back to the car where we ate lunch overlooking the northern section of the humongous Lake Tiorati.

Total distance hiked today was 6.6 miles, lots of it climbing, in about 4.5 hours.

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Lake Tiorati ...

... from the picnic area

The trailhead ...

... is at the parking space

Ascending on the Lake Tiorati trail

[Photo by Laura]

Water tank on AT/R-D

AT/R-D blazes


Trail joy!

[Photo by Laura]

Heading north


View east

View west towards 7 Lakes Drive


Very old water pitcher

Climbing the AT

Rocks on Stevens Mountain

Climbing to the vista

View south ...

... to Fingerboard Mountain

View east to Letterock Mountain


Autumn stream

AT stream

North on the AT

Bear Mountain through trees

View east


Two deer

Incredible pines

They dwarf Laura

Young Christmas trees

AT streaming crossing

View west to Fingerboard


First crossing of 7 Lakes Drive

Climbing the AT

[Photo by Laura]

Elusive downy woodpecker

R-D climb up Goshen Mt

Nice ascent


Near the top

View to Hudson

Arden House in distance

Glacial erratic ...

... on Goshen Mountain

Partial view east

View to Arden House

R-D at the summit

Laura and errata


R-D heads ...

... down ...

... steeply in places

Steep rocky descent

A more level R-D

Ascending on log steps

Second crossing of 7 Lakes Drive

Stream at Youmans Flats

R-D is woods road here

Lovely adjacent swamp

The park gravel quarry Youmans Flats


Stream crossing

Jumbo jet

Vapor trail

Fall trail ice

Mountain Laurel thicket ...

... on the AT

Lake Tiorati

Lake Tiorati

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