Graffiti Cliffs

Graffiti Cliffs, Wildcat Ridge WMA (2/13/2012)

Today we headed to the Wildcat Ridge WMA, a very rugged area just about 20 minutes from where we live. We have hiked in this area several times in the past but with last year's publication of the NYNJTC Map #125 in the Jersey Highlands set, many new trails, unmaintained paths and woods roads were opened to us.

We parked at the small pull-off on the west-bound side of Meriden Road, just 0.2 miles east from Route 513 (Green Pond Road) and headed north on a woods road soon joining with the blue-blazed Beach Glen trail which (at the fork) we took left heading north. Soon Graffiti Cliffs loomed above us to the right, though the tree cover hid much of the graffiti, which is probably most noticeable from Route 513. We passed the cliffs and then headed east on a woods road which climbed steadily to the mountain ridge. Eventually we got to the white-blazed Four Birds trail, which we took southeast. Though the map doesn't show it, the path to Graffiti Cliffs is reached from this trail via a yellow-blazed trail (not an unmaintained trail as the map indicates). Granted, the blazing is relatively sparse in spots, but it's quite easy to get to the cliffs, which afford incredible 180-degree views. After taking in the views we headed back east but took a more eastern path back to within 100 yards of the Four Birds Trail, at which point we made a sharp right onto another woods roads which descended very steeply for much of its extent. At the bottom we made a right on blue (same trail as earlier) which we then took back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 4.6 miles, in less than 3 hours.

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Pull-off on Meriden Road

Ruins on woods road

[Photo by Laura]

Graffiti Cliffs looms ahead


View west

Views of swamp ...

... off trail


Views of of ...

... waterway west ...

... of trail

Climbing on Beach Glen

Atop a winding berm

Waterway below

Back to ...

... water level

Furry remains

Stream ...

... crossing

More ruins

View north

View south

Winter color


View from above

[Photo by Laura]

How did that tree grow?

Icy cascade

Natural ...

... ice sculptures

Icy whaleback


Frozen waterfall

Stream crossing

Heading south on Yellow

Seasonal views

Cairn to Graffiti Cliffs

Partial views ...

... south

Arriving at ...

... Graffit Cliffs

View SW

Green Pond Road

Some graffiti

[Photo by Laura]

Clean Graffiti Cliffs

View SE

Mountain across Green Pond Road

View to earlier swamp ...

... from cliffs [photo by Laura]

House near ...

... swamp

View SE

Cliffs SW

Giant cairn at cliffs

Descending steep road

View south


Very steep ...

... and eroded

Station wagon


Ruins of shed

View west

Taking a break near ruins

Tank closeup

Tank and building ruins

Beach Glen trailhead

Waterway near trailhead

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