Greenbrook Sanctuary
I've always been intrigued about the parcel of land known as the Greenbrook Sanctuary, located just across Route 9W from the Tenafly Nature Center, situated atop the mighty Palisades cliffs overlooking the Hudson River. Their online map shows a network of trails with plenty of viewpoints and other points of interest. And the fact that it is open to only members also piqued my interest. What is in there? So Laura and I decided to become members for a year. We sent in the check and application on Monday and got our membership package on Friday. It included car decals, ID cards and keys (yes, keys -- without a key you can't get it the main gate just off Route 9W). So today we set off to see what was inside this "magic garden".

We were not disappointed! Not unexpectedly, we encountered almost no other hikers on the trails despite the fact that it was the most beautiful day for hiking so far this year, with temperatures in the 60s. We did see a group of three hikers within the first few minutes, but for the remaining three hours we felt as if we owned the place. I mapped out a grand loop that touched the southern tip, the northern tip, and just about every attraction in between. Total distance was nearly 4 miles in about 3 hours. The sanctuary is indeed a wonderful place to get away. We plan on going back again soon.

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Outside Orientation and Education center

Displays inside


Bird viewing station

On the Cliff trail

On the South End trail

Hudson from the South End trail


[Photo by Laura]

Bridge over Lost Brook

Palisades cliffs

At Patriot's Leap

Looking for graffiti

Graffiti at Patriot's Leap

Hudson looking south

Hudson looking north

Photographing graffiti

Damned tree hugger

On Cliff Edge trail

Washington's Profile

Steps to ...

... Arboretum Point

Structure opposite Arboretum Point

Near Greenbrook Pond overlook

Semi-frozen Greenbrook Pond

Bench at ...

... Duck-Hawk Lookout

[Photo by Laura]

Hudson looking south

Barge on the Hudson


Near Pillar Point

Pillar Point plaque

The dizzying Pillar Point

Palisades Cliffs from ...

... Pillar Point [photo by Laura]

Lambier's Dock far below

Gorgeous cliffs

Another Hudson barge

A busy Hudson

View of cliffs south


On Greenbrook Pond dam


Outhouse near pond

Green Brook

[Photo by Laura]

On the Big Loop trail

Greenbrook Falls

Closer view of falls

Sweet gum balls

Horned Owl trail

The Lincoln tree ...

... took root 200 years ago!

Deer on ...

... Horned Owl trail

Bald Eagle Point trail

A short break


Mourning dove

View from Bald Eagle Point

Old homesite

Inside old homesite

Old cellar on Horned Owl trail


Pond from Dead End trail

Greenbrook Pond

Cascades of Boulevard Brook


Duck ...

... on Greenbrook Pond

Sphagnum Bog trail

Bridge on Bog trail

Road back to parking lot

Wild turkeys [photo by Laura]

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