The Green Mile

The Green Mile, Troy Meadows Natural Area (4/30/2017)

Over eleven years ago we hiked part of this large natural area located only fifteen minutes from our home. At that point we parked in the lot on Beverwyck Road and explored some of the area along Patriot's Path. Two months ago I began researching the possibility of returning to hike the PSE&G boardwalk through the swamp. But after several unanswered emails it got put on the back burner. But then, quite coincidentally, my friend Daniela hiked the boardwalk with her son Bryan just last week! Perusing her awesome photos, I realized that not only are there an amazing assortment of birds to photograph, but I also saw that her son Bryan ensured that there were wooden planks leading through the muddy swamp up to the green mile. Thanks Bryan! Of course we had to go while the planks were still freshly laid!

We parked on the dirt road east of the gate, just west of Route 280 Exit 1 and headed west into the woods. We carefully walked across the very muddy swamp (on the planks laid by Bryan) reaching the green mile on a ladder. We headed first south, then backtracked all the way to the northern end, where we then took the dirt, and then concrete, service road back to the car. It was one of the most unique and enjoyable hikes we have done in quite some time!

Total distance hiked was 3.6 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes. But we weren't finished, we next drove to another trailhead west of the boardwalk for another couple of miles of swamp exploring.

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