Griggstown Native Grassland Preserve
We've been section-walking the D&R Canal since Hurricane Sandy, and have recently branched out to areas nearby. Last weekend we hiked in Six Mile Run, just east of the canal at Blackwells Mills. Today we returned to hike in land through which Ten Mile Run flows. We were again east of the canal but this time near Griggstown Causeway, just south of last week. When we were at Six Mile Run last weekend, our friends Shawnee and her human companion Daniela were at Ten Mile Run. Small world!

Using this map we started at the large parking lot east of Canal Road and took a series of trails which covered a very varied terrain. We first skirted the open field south of the parking area on the Blue trail, then the field east via the Red trail. We continued east on Brown through the forest, which was littered with Sandy blow-downs, but passable. This took us to the eastern section of the preserve where we hiked the Purple loop (which is really blazed Blue). We headed back west on Brown, taking the Yellow trail to Orange, which we finally took to Red (which paralleled the Ten Mile Run for a stretch, and which is also littered with blow-downs), then Blue, just east of the lot and back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was just over 6 miles in 3 1/4 hours.

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Kiosk at parking lot

Gate to get to Red south

Barn Swallow structure & bat house

It's quite well-blazed

Informative signs in several places

Heading south on Blue

Beautiful open fields


Tractor and hay bales

Heading east

Lots of hay

View west

One of many birdhouses

The mowed path of Red

Red wands

Canada Geese

A bench at the viewpoint

View west

Zoom west

Bat house

Cushetunk Mountain

Continuing east


In the forest on Brown

Colorful vines

Color on Brown

[Photo by Laura]

Stripped bark


Heading east on Brown

House south

Blow-downs on Purple (really Blue)

Come again?

Bench detail

Color on Purple (really Blue)

Frisbee golf goal


Tee for frisbee golf



Giant kiosk off Purple (really Blue)

Purple (really Blue) blaze

Ruins [photo by Laura]

Bunker Hill Education Center


Tank off Yellow

On Yellow


Heading north we saw ...

... Nelson Wyckoff grave in woods

Dramatic sky

Laura in her blaze orange vest

Ten Mile Run below

Orange blazes

Graffiti tree

Ten Mile Run

Gorgeous colors in stream

Laura among blow-downs

Dan on blow-downs [photo by Laura]

Blow-down tomfoolery

Lots of blow-downs on Orange

The arrow is still correct!


See the hawk?

Red heading east


Fields south of Red


Turkey vulture

Entrance road from Canal Road

Shy sparrow

Road to parking lot

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