Great Valley Rail Trail
I had never heard of the Great Valley Rail Trail until I saw that my buddies Daniela and Shawnee hiked it in September of this year. Having spent some nice hours up in that area (hiking, in particular, sections of the Paulinksill Valley Rail trail), we decided to head there today and to do their path. Being short on time, instead of heading all the way to its northern end, we turned around at Morris Turnpike, saving at least an hour. Since there is a nice little parking area where the GVRT crosses Morris Turnpike, we'll be returning to hike the last part and to also work in some of the Sussex Branch trail, which is found at the northern end.

The fall foliage is all but gone, most of the leaves are on the ground. This was almost certainly our last fall foliage hike for the season. As Jon Snow says "Winter is coming".

Total distance hiked today was 6.7 miles in 3 hours.

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