Hacklebarney State Park
This is the Hike of the Week for 8/17/2007 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website. We were in Southern California the week prior to this hike and when we were landing in Newark the day we returned we could clearly see from a thousand feet up that the fall foliage was pretty much near peak in northern New Jersey (it was just beginning to turn when we left). So of course we had to get out there and experience it first hand! This was the first time we ever hiked in Hacklebarney. The cloudy weather enhanced the autumn colors, and the wild Black River was raging.

One of the highlights of this outing had nothing to do with the woods. We stopped at the Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill, on the drive back (about 5 minutes from the trailhead) and got freshly baked cider donuts, hot mulled cider, and a huge pumpkin praline pie. Laura said the donut was like a slice of Heaven ... with a hole in the middle! On the drive back, we also stopped briefly at Morristown's Burnham Park to get photos of the Thomas Paine statue. It's the largest statue of Paine in the world.

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The colorful park entrance

[Photo by Laura]

Leaves all over the unmarked trail

Side trail to the lookout

A lookout with no lookout!


On the yellow trail

Appropriately blazed yellow!


One of many non-working fountains

Steps help the descent

Signs of industry?

Brook crossing

Bridge over brook

First view of the Black River

The red trail follows the river

Wildflowers on the bank

A graffitti tree

Mini cascades

Taken by a nice stranger

Colorful Black River

Where to next?

A burst of color!

A rocky red trail ...

... along the river's bank


Huge bolder in the river

[photo by Laura]

Beautiful cascades

[photo by Laura]

A raging Black River



Picnic benches along the way

They warn of black bears!

Now on the blue trail

Another abandoned fountain

Tree hugger Laura


Stairs from red to white trail

Inside the Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill [photo by Laura]

Thomas Paine statue in Burnham Park

Closer view

Swan and geese in the lake

Water run-off

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