Hank's Pond

Hank's Pond, Pequannock Watershed (6/23/2007)

This is hike #28 ("Hank's Pond Circle") from the book Hiking the Jersey Highlands (1st edition).
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First view of Hank's Pond

Rocks along shore

That can't be comfortable!

View from Hank's West trail

Abandoned building on Hank's West trail

Dilapidated roof


Laura going macro

More ruins

Looking south


A skunk sleeps at Laura's feet (see other photo below)

The rocky Connector trail

Connector meets Fire Tower West trail

Pine needles on ridge

An abundance of blueberry bushes

Bearfort Ridge fire tower

Fireplace at fire tower

Geodetic marker

Wood tick

View east from ridge

Wild turkey

With one of her babies

View east from Highlands trail


Hank's East trail

Daisies [Laura]

Flower macro [Laura]

Dan at Hank's Pond [Laura]

Sleeping skunk [Laura]

Photographing a cairn [Laura]

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