Hartshorne Woods Park

Hartshorne Woods Park (7/9/2006)

This is the Hike of the Week for 11/20/2003 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.
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Rocky Point Trail

World War II Coast Watch Station

Peering inside

Second Coast Watch Station

Homes on Sandy Hook


Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Child's shrine at Rocky Point


Cormorant fishing

Boating on Upper Shrewsbury River

Makeshift shelter on Rocky Point

Oceanic Bridge, Rumson

Carcass of horseshoe crab

View north from Rocky Point

Shells litter the shore

Fishing on Upper Shrewsbury River

Old forest growth


Black Fish Cove

Navisink River pier

Speedboat on Navisink River

Mansion in Rumson

Shore at Navisink River pier

Oceanic Bridge, Rumson

Abandoned bunker inside hill (Nike Site NY-55DC)

Looking inside

Protection Factor 1000
Capacity 200

Access ladder at the top

Military History sign

Rear of empty gun casement #2 of Battery Lewis

1942 Battery Lewis

Looking down the length of battery

Front of casement #2

View southwest from top of battery

Tower foundation on top

Front of casement #1 of Battery Lewis

Inside casement #1

Sign for Fallout Shelter

Inside casement #1

View into battery's center rear entrance

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