Helyar Woods

Helyar Woods (5/7/2017)

Today we headed back to Central New Jersey to my old stomping grounds, Rutgers University. This area has been on our list for some time now, but we've avoided it believing that there weren't enough trails for a morning outing. Well, we were wrong. Not only were there at least four miles of nice hiking, but these woods are adjacent to the beautiful gardens and there were many flowers in bloom!

Using this map, we parked at the Holly House (where there is sufficient parking for at least a couple of dozen cars) and headed north along the paved road to Log Cabin Road. We continued north along "Dirt Road" and then managed to hike the majority of trails in the woods, even extending north all the way to Route 18 (not on the map). Our path is too complicated to describe here. For those wanting to do a through exploration of this area, you can see it here.

Total distance hiked was 4,1 miles in just under 3 hours.

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