Heritage Preserve

Heritage Preserve, Hopewell Township (5/22/2016)

This is the second of two areas we visited today in Central New Jersey. Using this map, we parked in the grassy lot on Reed Road and hiked the entire lollipop in the counter-clockwise direction. It should be noted that the first small section, which passes through an area of tall grass, is one of the most tick-ridden areas we have ever hiked! Upon reaching the forest, Laura realized that she had nine wood ticks on her legs. This was after about four minutes of hiking! I only had two (I was trailing behind, taking photos, as always). On the way back, with me in front, I was the one who had the most ticks. So be careful. Otherwise the preserve is very pretty, with informative signs along the way. It's a bit muddy in spots but the many boardwalks help.

Total distance hiked was 1.4 miles in 45 minutes.

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