Higbee Beach

Higbee Beach (7/19/2012)

This is Hike #44 ("Higbee Beach") in the book Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (2009). We did this hike right after the previous hike (Cape May Point). The two trailheads are less than a 10-minute drive apart. I suppose one can hike from one to the other but Bond Creek was at about waist level today, so doing so would require at least a 5-6 foot wade across (two beach walkers actually did this but they were wearing bathing suits). When we got to Bond Creek, at the southern tip of this hike, there was at least a half dozen kayakers making their way into Delaware Bay from the creek.

Higbee Beach, just north of the very popular and crowded Sunset Beach, is a bit more remote than most other beaches in and around Cape May, so there are fewer bathers which makes being a mostly-clothed hiker less incongruous, thankfully.

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Path to ...

... observation deck

Ferry stop

Laura on platform

Cape May canal looking east


View west

Ferry to Delaware


Boat in canal

Path parallels canal

Then path heads ...

... to the beach

Delaware Bay to left, Cape May canal to right

On Higbee Beach

[Photo by Laura]


Friendly gull

Girl and gull


Remains of crab

Horseshoe crab shell

Labrador going after ...

... tennis ball

View south

Shells and stones on beach

Zoom view south

Horseshoe crab shell


Boat in Delaware Bay

Gulls on beach

Ferry to the north

S.S. Atlantus off Sunset Beach

Ferry and boat

Heading south

Tour ship passing S.S. Atlantus


Zoom to crowded Sunset Beach

Whale watching

S.S. Atlantus in distance




Gull and ferry

Zoom to S.S. Atlantus

[Photo by Laura]

Kayakers in Bond Creek

Bond Creek

Delaware Bay

Kayakers heading to bay

Beachy path

Cactus flower

Bond Creek looking east

Looking west


WW II Lookout Tower

Cape May lighthouse

S.S. Atlantus

Shelled horseshoe crab

View north

Kayakers in choppy water

Having some ...

... fun?

Heading back north

Smiley face parasailing

Sandy path ...

... back to car

Monarch butterfly


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