Dunker Pond, Highlands Trail

Dunker Pond, Highlands Trail, north of Route 23 (9/22/2007)
This out-and-back was entirely on the Highlands Trail. Starting at Route 23 and Canistear Road, we hiked in a northeasterly direction to Lud Day Road and back.
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Highlands Trail blaze

First leg is a long climb

Very rocky in sections

Blow down


First view of Dunker Pond

View from southwest bank


Lily pads


Trail crosses pond's outlet stream

Laura in the outlet stream

Outlet stream looking north

Skinny blaze!

Interesting mushroom

Old boundary walls

Near Lud Day Road

Tiny frog

Huge spider

Dunker Pond from east bank

Bumble bee

It started to rain

Looking north


Fog and drizzle

Soon it downpoured

Our lunch spot overlooking pond

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