High Point, Norvin Green

High Point, Norvin Green State Forest (8/11/07)

This is hike #18 ("High Point - Iron Mines Loop") from the book Hiking the Jersey Highlands (1st edition) but down in a clockwise direction.
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Sandra Ramos's purple quonset hut near trailhead


Pines along the first leg

New warning sign at Roomy Mine

Front of Roomy Mine

Laura inside

And further inside


Top entrance from inside

Looking towards entrance

Yes, we crawled through that


High Point from above Roomy Mine

Another side entrance

Very rocky descent from top of mine

Blue Mine

Blue Mine

Bridge over Blue Mine Brook

Wildflowers near High Point summmit

Wanaque Reservoir in background

Manhattan skyline

Red-tailed hawk

Highlands trail to summit


Almost at the top

Lying on a pentagram!

Spike marks the highest point


Plaque for Barry K??ombrozo

Our lunch spot! High Point!

Wanaque Reservoir from High Point

Manhattan skyline





Errata on Hewitt-Butler trail

Mushroom on Hewitt-Butler trail

Another nearby

Orb-shaped spider web

Beautiful wall of rock

Tiny toad

Another bridge over Blue Mine Brook

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