History Trail, Watchung Reservation

History Trail, Watchung Reservation (5/26/2013)

We last hiked in this nearby reservation over three years ago. Today we returned to do the newly created History Trail, the creation of an Eagle Scout and dedicated in June, 2011. The History Trail is a loop of at least 6 miles traversing existing trails and woods roads, but all newly-blazed in pink. The trail passes a dozen historic sites of interest along the way, with accompanying informative signs (though one of the sites, the historic Feltville, needs to be visited via a spur because the trail does not pass through it). The trail is the pink-blazed one on this map. The points of interest are explained here, something you may want to print before hitting the trails.

Total distance hiked today was 6.7 miles in about 3.5 hours.

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Trail head

Dan on first bridge [Photo by Laura]

Gorgeous wildflowers

Forest is lush green

Logs in wetter area

Damaged bird house

Macro photos [photo by Laura]




Trail parallels gorge

Informative sign for ...

... Copper Mine

Huge mushroom

Descent in gully

Bridge over ...

... Blue Brook

Gorgeous green path

Foundation from Feltville Mill

Tiny daisies on trail

Blue Brook

Rocky in parts

Trail parallels ...

... Blue Brook

[Photo by Laura]


Hermit's Pond

Abandoned cicada nymph skin

Broken robin egg


A Brood II Cicada!

Laura holding one

Two cicadas

He's at the top!


Dead tree

Drake Farm foundation


Drake farm barn ruins

Cicadas can read!

Sandy damage

Black Swallow Tail

Swallow Tail



Tiny cascade

Crossing through parking area

Deer lunching

Trail continues on woods road

Grey Catbird


Queen Anne's Lace?

Sign for ...

... the Cornfield


Path at cornfield

First views of ...

... Lake Surprise

Turtles sunning

Logs in wet part

View from eastern tip

Gorgeous reflections

Road south of Lake Surprise

Our lunch spot

View west

View east

Boy Scout Camp

Burst of color over Laura

Field crossing at camp

Compass Course kiosk

Historic Road sign


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