Holmdel Park

Holmdel Park (1/31/2009)

This was supposed to be Trip #28 ("Holmdel Park and Longstreet Park") from the book Nature Walks in New Jersey (2nd edition). However (a) the trails in this park aren't blazed at all, (b) the signs, which appear at just a fraction of the intersections, are confusing, and (c) the trail map is out of date and inaccurate. So it was "sort of" Trip #28. And it was also "sort of" the Hike of the Week from 2/1/2008 which appeared in the Bergen Record (you can no longer access it without paying a fee), and which hasn't yet been posted on the NYNJTC website. So it was sort of a combination of these two, but we're still not sure.

Holmdel Park is adjacent to Longstreet Farm, a living historical farm, though nothing was living there this morning in the sub-freezing temperatures made colder with whipping winds ... except for a couple of cows, sheep and a rooster. Most of the trails were solid frozen ice, where human, deer and coyote tracks were perfectly captured. So Yaktrax were essential. Total distance was about 3 miles, which included lots of meandering and backtracking. We ate lunch inside one of the enclosed picnic pavillions, which had a roaring fire lit. Very nice!

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The icy trail head

Beech Glen Trail

Beech tree graffiti ...

... abounds here

Frozen human tracks

A jogger on the icy Ridge Walk trail


[Photo by Laura]

One of the spotty signs

Gorgeous trees by activity center

Descending on the Marsh trail

Icy steps

Stream crossing on Marsh trail

The boardwalk ...

... photographed by Dan [photo by Laura] ...

... was very long and impressive

And icy

Marsh Viewing area


[Photo by Laura]

Possibly the Cross Country trail

[Photo by Laura]

Cows on Crawfords Corner Road

Roosting red-tail hawk


Near activity center

Song sparrow

Activity Center

Group of American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

Carolina Chickadee

Blue Jay

Song Sparrow

[Photo by Laura]

Willow near activity center

Pines near activity center


Looking for old graffiti

Coyote tracks on Ridge Walk trail

Pine glade


Another roosting red-tail hawk

Same one farther on


Picnic area

Cow at Longstreet Farm

Laura's new friend


The petting zoo at the farm

Laura photographing sheep

And petting sheep



Nice fire!

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