Horse Pond Mountain

Horse Pond Mountain, Long Pond Ironworks State Park (6/16/2007)

This is hike #29 ("Horse Pond Mountain Loop") from the book Hiking the Jersey Highlands (1st edition).
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Near Hewitt-Butler trailhead

First view of Monksville Reservoir

Fishing in the reservoir



Shore of the reservoir

Trunks of drowned trees

Grade of the 19th-century NY & Greenwood Lake Railway

Rocky Hewitt-Butler trail

Antler scratch marks?


Indigo Bunting




Reservoir fishing

View from Horse Pond Mountain

Reservoir wraps around Monks Mountain


Bare face of Horse Pond Mountain


Box turtle

Taking a close-up

Camera shy

Burnt Meadow Trail

Dry creek bed


Copperhead near reservoir shore

View from reservoir shore


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