Indian Cliffs

Indian Cliffs, Splitrock Reservoir (12/19/2011)

I took today off, a brisk chilly day, to go hiking with my friend Andy. Last time the two of us did a hike, it was one of my own inventions that hit several remote vistas in Ramapo Mountain State Forest. Today we did another of my own invention that hit several remote vistas north of Splitrock Reservoir, including the spectacular view from Indian Cliffs, one of the best views in all of New Jersey.

We parked at the end of Timberbrook Road and headed into Camp Winnebago on the asphalt but only far enough to take the first woods road NE into the forest. We took woods roads NE until finally reaching the Four Birds trail which we then took east. Making a left on blue we headed NE to the first vista noted on the NYNJTC Map (#125) at the southern bank of gorgeous Misty Pond. (In May, Laura and I visited the northern and western banks of this pond.) After admiring the view we continued east on blue until we reached Indian Cliffs, where we enjoyed one of the best views in all of New Jersey (and even most places just over the border in New York). Continuing south on blue, we took the orange blazed trail west (and down) to the bank of Splitrock Reservoir where we enjoyed constant views and settled down for lunch. Skirting the reservoir around its northern tip, and then along its western bank we continued on orange, visiting a fourth vista on the map before turning right on the Four Birds trail once again, heading north. On this trail we enjoyed our fifth (and last) vista as denoted on the map, an overlook with Indian Cliffs directly opposite us. From the Four Birds trail we headed back on woods roads to our car.

Total distance hiked today was about 6.2 miles miles in just under 4 hours.

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Camp Winnebago entrance

Ornate gate

Woods road

Knocking on wood

Shed remains on woods road

Late autumn forest

Approaching Misty Pond


Gorgeous Misty Pond

Trunks of sunken trees

[Photo by Andy]

Beaver lodge in pond

Beech color

Oblong growth pattern

About to climb on blue

Climbing ...

... on ...

... blue ...

... views begin

View SW

Misty Pond below (by evergreens)

View of Splitrock Reservoir from Indian Cliffs

Misty Pond

Andy on Indian Cliffs

Splitrock Reservoir

Andy and Misty Pond

Communication towers west

Shadow self-portrait

Continuing south on ridge

More views of ...

... Splitrock Reservoir


A lower lookout

Mine holes on northern bank

Splitrock Reservoir from nothern tip

Rock in reservoir

Duck on thin ice

View from northern tip

Mound of rock in reservoir

Mines are all over this area

Our lunch spot!

Climbing for a view

Splitrock Reservoir


Our lunch spot from NW bank

Climbing on orange

On western bank

Colorful forest carpet

Indian Cliffs from western bank


Eroded path

Tiny stream crossing

Lovely moss

Reservoir from western bank

NW area of reservoir

Interesting rock

Fire ring

Beaver signs all over

Mansions on hill

Fifth and last vista

View to houses in Smoke Rise gated community

Mansions and Smoke Rise Tower on Kitty Ann Mt

Indian Cliffs directly opposite

Camp signs

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