Eagle Rock, Limekiln, Iron Mountains

Eagle Rock, Limekiln, Iron Mountains, Harriman State Park (8/14/2010)

Today we went looking for viewpoints in Southern Harriman. And it wasn't easy! The original plan was to hit three viewpoints noted on Harriman Park-Southern Trail Map 118 (2008 edition): one on an unmaintained trail on Limekiln Mountain and two other viewpoints on an unmaintained trail labeled the Iron Mountain trail on the map.

We started at the parking area on Diltz Road, and headed NE on the Tuxedo-Mt Ivy (T-MI) trail along the powerline cut. Upon entering the woods, however, we simply couldn't find the unmaintained trail to the Limekiln viewpoint. So we continued on the T-MI heading north. Within a quarter of a mile we noticed a worn path going west. It was unblazed and not on the map, but distinct enough to follow with many cairns leading the way. Curious, we took this path which seemed to climb to the peak of Eagle Rock, after curving north and reaching a partial viewpoint where the Hudson was visible in the distance. Continuing north along this trail we eventually came to a t-intersection with the T-MI trail on which we made a right.

When we reached the Red Arrow trail we took it north, climbing again. It ended at the Suffern-Bear Mountain trail, onto which we made a right and took it to its intersection with the woods road labeled "Woodtown Road" on the map. From this point on we were at the mercy of unmarked paths. Our goal was to reach the two vistas on the Iron Mountain trail via the File Factory Hollow woods road, and by golly we found them, and they were spectacular. But not without difficulty! At one point we were on an unmaintained trail looking for a right turn onto another unmaintained trail. After the two viewpoints we were tired of trying to follow the path, so we simply bushwhacked down to the powerine cut which we took back to the car.

The entire adventure was a lot of fun, though not something I would recommend to those who rely on well-blazed trails. Total distance hiked today was 6.5 miles, which included lots of climbing and bushwhacking, in about 4 hours.

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Large parking area on Diltz

Rearing to go! [photo by Laura]

T-MI trailhead

Flock of wild turkeys

Powerline cut

Two turkeys in flight

Egret soaring overhead


Climbing the T-MI

Tiny toad


More climbing!

Cairns mark path to Eagle Rock

Curious deer

Hudson River from Eagle Rock

Partial viewpoint on Eagle Rock

Busy butterfly

More climbing

Still on unmarked path

Another deer

Is that levitating?

Climbing the Red Arrow trail

Mountain Laurel thicket

Stone boundary walls

Tree hugger [photo by Laura]

A walking stick!

Close-up of walking stick

A rocky trail

On Woodstown woods road


Factory File Hollow woods road

Viewpoint on Limekiln

View to Eagle Rock


[Photo by Laura]

Laura resting

Manhattan skyline from Limekiln

View towards Eagle Rock

View SE

Glacial erratic


Powerline cut far below

Blueberry fields

Another view of Manhattan

View from Iron Mountain trail

Red-tailed hawk

View of Hudson and Cheesecote Mountain

Hudson River with High Tor to right

View east

Close-up of construction below

Wider view east


Mansions overlooking the Hudson

Antenna on Cheesecote Mountain

Cairns on the Iron Mountain trail

Interesting stone on Iron Mt

Stone marks the northern viewpoint

Another spectacular vista

Love that glacial errata

Cheesecote Mountain and the Hudson

The Hudson

[Photo by Laura]


View SE

Grassy lookout

Bushwhacking downhill

And down!

At the cut

View to Cheesecote Mountain

Powerline cut looking south

Scrambling to the path

On the path

Right past a pylon

Curious fawn

Wildflower in the cut


Abandoned car

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