Ghost Lake, Jenny Jump State Forest

Ghost Lake, Jenny Jump State Forest (10/30/2010)

This is Hike #51 ("Jenny Jump Ghost Lake Loop") in the book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: New York City (2nd edition). We hiked parts of this forest over five years ago. That was in May when the trees were filled with leaves, and they were all green. Today the fall foliage was still hanging on in Northern New Jersey, though the majority of leaves were already on the ground. With the amazing views from the ridge, and the beauty of Ghost Lake, it's a wonder this forest isn't more popular. We passed only one other hiker during the entire hike! I'm not complaining. It's a little hidden gem, and we plan on returning to hike the Mountain Lake area, which is west and disconnected from the part we hiked today.

Total distance traveled was 4.6 miles in just over 3 hours.

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Road to the visitor's center


Park building

Poor Smokey!

Orchard trail is a road initially

Look at those roots!

View NW to PA

Boundary wall


Mansion in valley NW

Delaware Water Gap on horizon

Stubborn fall foliage

Ghost Lake trail

Significant leaf drop



Fall foliage ...

... on our out-and-back ...

... to the lake


Ghost Lake trail



Views opening to SE

Cabin ruins

Gorgeous foliage

Cabin ruins

That's not Jenny!


[Photo by Laura]

Continuing on Ghost Lake trail


Dan attacked by foliage [photo by Laura]

Descending to the lake

Huge rock formation

Dan dwarfed [photo by Laura]

Ferns line the path


Lots of color!

First view of Ghost Lake

Western part of lake

Cold water kills?

View NW

Underwater well?

We just climbed the ridge

Laura on the grassy berm

West part of lake

Lake color


West part of lake

Heading back from the berm


Color on the Summit trail

One of first viewpoints

On the ridge

All views ...

... are to the SE ...

... on this stretch


More ridge to climb

View NW to PA

Delaware Water Gap

Looking NW

And more ridge walking

Two glacial errata

Farmland through trees

Valley to the SE

Southern-most lookout

Colorful hill south

There's a tower behind the trees

Cabins near visitor's center

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