Jockey Hollow

Jockey Hollow (12/28/2007)

This is hike #26 ("Jockey Hollow") from the book 50 Hikes in New Jersey (3rd edition). For a trail map of Jockey Hollow, click here.
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Tempe Wick house

Closer view

Door knocker

Photo of the photographer [by Laura]

Period fences

Dan and Wicke house [photo by Laura]

Laura's new shades


Mendham Road trail

Educational sign on Mendham Road trail

Park is filled with old growth

Towering over us

Interesting marker



Close-up of blow-down's roots


Giant oak leaf

Mt. Kemble Loop trail

View east from Mt. Kemble Loop trail


Marker for Stark's Brigade

Our lunch spot

View from our lunch spot

The only snow we saw

Remnants of walls

Log balancing [photo by Laura]

Deer Exclosure and control plot

Trail from Grand Loop to soldier huts

Look at that graffiti!

Soldier huts

Officer's hut

Detail of soldier's hut

A dozen bunked inside

And the riff-raff stayed outside [photo by Laura]


Jockey Hollow cemetery

Cemetery plaque

Back of Wick house

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