Jenny Jump Trail

Jenny Jump Trail, Jenny Jump State Forest (4/9/2011)

One month ago we hiked the western part of Jenny Jump State Forest, traversing most of the Mountain Lake trail. Getting bagel egg sandwiches at the tiny deli in the town of Hope, New Jersey afterwards was one of the highlights of that day. On that day, in perusing the trail map in the state park service brochure, I noticed another trail the almost joins the two non-contiguous park sections. On the map it is labeled the "Jenny Jump Trail" (pretty original, huh) and it doesn't appear on earlier versions of the map. A new trail? The thought of hiking something new, and revisiting that tiny deli in Hope, set us off for another hike in this lovely state park today.

We parked in the large dirt lot off State Park Road, opposite the road to leads to the park office, at the eastern trailhead. We then headed west. While initially the trail is blazed in light blue, it almost immediately comingles with a white trail coming in from the left, and it remains comingled with this white trail for at least the next two miles (and is blazed only in white), at which point the white trail veers off to the right. As expected with the state map for this park, the white trail is not on the map, nor are the countless woods roads that we crossed and ran parallel to. The NYNJTC is coming up with a new map set that covers New Jersey parks not heretofore covered by their Northern NJ set. I believe it might cover this park. If so, thank you, NYNJTC! In any event, we headed west all the way to CR 611 before turning around and retracing our steps.

Total distance traveled was 5.2 miles in just under 3 hours.

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Trail head

Pond above trail

Beautiful green hue

Wizard of Oz tree!

Ruins of some sort


Tower on the mountain

Beautiful road ...

... lined with stone walls

White trail not on map


Spring bud

Beautiful mossy boulder


More blooms

Starting the climb ...

... to the ridge

View from ridge

Hope, NJ below

Farm silo

View of hills ...

... to the south

West along the ridge


Taking a breather

Tiny blooms on ridge



Creek [photo by Laura]

Laura crossing


Continuing on blue

Lined with stone walls

Ascending to county road 611



Views north

Delaware Water Gap

Buildings in Hope, NJ

Hills to the south

NJ farm and Tammany ridge in distance


Poison ivy


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