Jonathan Woods

Jonathan's Woods (6/20/2015)

We first hiked this beautiful area in 2011. At that time we parked at the northern gate on Old Beach Glen Road and hiked the main loop, passing through the Hog Pen. Today we returned to see if things had changed and whether we could hike some of the other trails.

Using this map, this time we parked at the southern gate (on Ford Road) and headed north, first visiting the green trail (still not on this map, though it is on the NYNJTC trail map #125). There's now a bench near the swamp (in 2011 there were two plastic chairs). We continued on Ford Road to the red trail which we took to a newly-blazed red dot trail. This trail we took all the way to Kitchell Road, where there is a kiosk at the trailhead on the western end (this trail is also not on the map above, though it is shown as an unblazed trail on the NYNJTC map). We retraced to red with plans on heading next on blue all the way to its end on Hillcrest Drive. But it started raining and we were running out of time (this place really is large and with only two parking areas it's difficult to cover all the trails). So after reaching the intersection with blue we turned back and retraced red but before heading back to the car, we did the trail (also not on the map above) in the area labeled "the Pines". We took the trail to Old Beach Glen Road and then headed back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 5.7 miles in 3.5 hours.

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