Jugtown Mountain Preserve
Last week we hiked the Bernadette Morales and Upland Reserves in Hunterdon County. Today we returned to hike two more preserves in Hunterdon County, but only had time to do one, the Jugtown Mountain Preserve (we'll have to do Tower Hill Reserve another time). Using this map, we parked in the small pull-off on western side of Mountain View Road (it can accomodate about 5-6 cars) and headed west on the Highlands Trail eventually crossing Mind Road and entering the Jugtown Mountain Preserve. In the counter-clockwise direction we hiked the lollipop there formed by the HT and the white trail before heading back to the car on the HT. A more detailed map of Jugtown Mountain Preserve is here. The section between Mountainview Road and Mine Road is quite rocky and slow going! The concentration of saplings in parts is denser than I think I've ever seen anywhere. The section west of Mine Road is peppered with remaining mines and is level (at first) then dips down as it approaches Route 173. If there were less trees at the western-most part there would be fantastic views to the farms west.

Total distance hiked was over 4.5 miles in 2.5 hours. Hunting is allowed with special permission from the Farmer's Sportsman Club, though we didn't see a single hunter or even hear a single gun shot.

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