Lake Just-It

Lake Just-It, Jenny Jump State Forest (11/19/2011)

The Jenny Jump trail is a relatively new trail that connects every parcel of land in Jenny Jump State Park. This NYNJTC map shows its entire track. In April of this year, we hiked a 2.5 mile stretch of the trail in the northern section of the park, from its northern terminus on State Park Road south to Route 611 and back. A month earlier, we hiked a good segment of the southern part, north of Mountain Lake. Today we returned and hiked the middle section, parking at Lake Just-It (off Lake Just-It Road, appropriately) and headed north for almost 3 miles to Route 611 before turning around and returning to the car.

The leaves are finally all on the ground, affording some partial views out to the Delaware Water Gap with Mount Minsi and Tammany prominent in the distance. Alas, you can see the Gap through the trees while you're moving along the trail, but capturing them in still photos is nearly impossible. There are no views on this section of the trail, even though it has one of the steepest sections of any trail I've ever encountered in New Jersey, a bit north of the Hissim Road crossing. This section seems like an old woods road altough I can't imagine any vehicle getting up or down that steep section.

Total distance hiked today was 5.5 miles in just over 3 hours.

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Entrance road

Red-tailed hawk in flight

Turkey vulture in flight

Vulture roosting

Vulture watching

People watching!

Your humble photographer [photo by Laura]



Trail is woods road at first

Powerline cut

Private Property sign pollution

Snow storm damage

Or maybe Irene damage

NYNJTC "You Are Here" sign

[Photo by Laura]

Nice climb begins

Partial views east

Views of mountains ...

... to the east

Interesting blaze

Boundary walls

Open field: old homestead?

Boundary walls abound!

Four blazes in one photo!

Hissim Road crossing

Stream north of Hissim

Elusive deer


Leaf carpet

Partial views west

Another elusive deer

Continuing descent



Surveyors mark

Lovely green moss

Beautiful cascades

Stream crossing

Farm west

More boundary walls

[Photo by Laura]

Check that lean!



Now ascending on the return

Up and up

Poison ivy vine

DWG in distance

[Photo by Laura]

Stream north of Hissim

Moss-covered rock



View east

Laura dwarfed

Power line cut



Muddy leaves

Lake Just-It

View south

Laura on bank

Lake Just-It Dam

Dam wheel underwater

Enjoying the view

Behind the dam

Lake Just-It

Crumbled walkway

Old water tank

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