Kanouse Mountain

Kanouse Mountain, Pequannock Watershed (1/14/2012)

Those driving north on Route 23 in Newfoundland may notice an American flag flying high above the road on a mountain to the west of Echo Lake Road. That's the southern-most peak of Kanouse Mountain, a mountain which parallels Echo Lake on the west and continues north beyond the lake. Today we headed to that American flag and its extraordinary view.

We parked at the Echo Lake office of the Newark Watershed Conservation & Development Corporation and headed north on the Highlands trail on the western bank of Echo Lake. After just over half-way on the western bank we turned left and followed woods roads first west and then south, climbing two peaks of Kanouse Mountain. Both peaks afforded nice vistas (at 1100 feet), but the best was the amazing vista marked by that flag high above Route 23 at a slightly lower altitude, overlooking the Charlotteburg Reservoir. The last section is actually blazed in red, though on the NYNJTC Jersey Highlands Trails Map #125 it is shown merely as a woods road. The red-blazed trail also appeared to continue south past the flag and down toward a rest area on Route 23. While that is certainly a shorter way to get to the top, it's also much steeper than the way we came. After taking in the awesome views, we headed back the same way we came.

Total distance hiked today was 5.7 miles in just under 3.5 hours. A permit is required for hiking in this area, which can be purchased at the office on Echo Lake Road. The permits are good for the calendar year, so the earlier you purchase it the longer you will have to hike in these areas.

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NWCDC office

Echo Lake from southern tip

View from dam

Structure from 1927

Spillway south of dam

View north

Walking along dam




The rocky west bank


Huge amounts of "puddingstone"!

Heading north

Trail skirts the lake


Hornet's nest


Climbing west on ...

... woods road

High above Echo Lake

Puddingstone on trail


Nature's art

Slow ascent south

View SE

Smoke Rise tower to the east

Echo Lake below to NE

Demolished ...

... pick-up truck

And car

Trail blazed red now

Climbing to ...

... view east

And SE

Getting a better view

Continuing south

View to antenna tower east

On the ridge

Antenna tower and Manhattan skyline

Constant views through trees

Rocky ascent continues

Views opening

Dan & Route 23 [photo by Laura]


Route 23 & Echo Lake Road intersection below

On the ridge

Taking a break

Charlotteburg Reservoir in rear

Gorgeous puddingstone

The American flag!

And a Christmas star!

Awesome view from the flagpost

Charlotteburg Reservoir south

Routh 23 east

Unobstructed view of reservoir

Zoom into Echo Lake Road exit on Rt. 23

Laura at the view

Dan and reservoir [photo by Laura]

The star's view

Lights on the star

Astronaut Laura ...

... plants the American flag?

Copperas Mountain (we climbed last week)

Charlotteburg Reservoir

Puddingstone all over


Heading back down


Horse stables east


Mountain Laurel

The path along the bank

Back to Echo Lake

Office and boat launch

Recent woodpecker work

Dam at SE tip of lake


View north


The Highlands trail blaze

Tee pees

Water marker

Kanouse Mountain in looms over lake

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