Kincaid Woods

Kincaid Woods, Pyramid Mountain (8/2/2015)

The last time we hiked this relatively new area of Pyramid Mountain was in January 2010. At that time we did less than three miles, hiking only the small network of trails in the western area of this park. Today we returned to re-hike the trails in this area and in addition several other trails on Pyramid Mountain.

Using this map, we once again parked in the relatively large lot on Kincaid Road and entered the forest on Yellow. We took Yellow all the way to White (on Pyramid Mountain) which we took north to Bear Rock. We crossed the stream on Blue, then took Yellow south to Blue, which we took just a bit north to visit Lucy's Lookout, one of the more disappointing views in the partk. We then backtracked south, continuing on Blue to a much better view to Manhattan. We then headed north on Red, then north on White back to Yellow and headed back to the car. But instead of taking Yellow all the way back, we took the Yellow Dot trail.

Total distance hiked today was 5.8 miles (with plenty of climbing) in a bit over 3.5 hours.

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