Los Angeles - Day 4

Los Angeles - Day 4 (11/18/2006)

Today we drove all over the greater L.A. area visiting sites on our list of places to see. We started with Santa Monica, walking the historic pier, watching beachgoers try to find the water in the fog. Then we drove to another Laurel & Hardy film site, the house that they trashed in their best silent short "Big Business". We visited a museum that spoofed museums, the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Then we headed back to Hollywood and walked along Hollywood Boulevard one last time, finding Karl Dane's star on the Walk of Fame, and visiting two of his past residences.

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Santa Monica Art Tool

On the foggy Santa Monica Pier




Santa Monica beach


Door of the "Big Business" house

The "Big Business" house

The house to its left

Tower of Babel

Ricky Jay's decaying dice


Dogs of the Soviet Space Program

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Roosevelt Hotel

El Capitan Theater

Roof of El Capitan Theater

Entrance to Roosevelt Hotel

Walk of Fame Gazebo

Stars at the gazebo

Gazebo detail

Building reflections

Close-up of reflection

Karl Dane's star

Pantages Theater

Capitol Records


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