Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary & Lamont Reserve
We hiked in this rugged and lovely, though relatively small, area back in late 2009. At that time we were following a NY-NJ Trail Conference hike which covered the trails more interior to the area. Today's hike traversed trails along the perimeter. Between the two visits we have covered just about every foot of blazed trail in the reserve.

Today we followed the Hike of the Week for 12/9/2010 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website, but with an additional loop (of perhaps a mile) which included the northern part of the white trail. The entire country is experiencing a heat wave, so this area, almost entirely covered by a heavy canopy of leaves, was ideal. Because of the heat, we decided to keep it short this weekend.

Total distance hiked today was nearly 4 miles in about 2 hours.

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Playground at the ...

... trailhead for Blue

Narrow stretch of Yellow

Small creek

Oh really?


Backlit leaves

Mountain biker

On Yellow


Yellow climbs gradually

Dry creek

Well, almost creek

Intersection with White

White ...

... climbs ...

... more steeply

Highpoint of preserve

Obstructed view of Hudson River

Bugs on flower

Gorgeous path

Path on height of land

Lamont rock (missing plaque)

Laura and Lamont Rock

[Photo by Laura]

[Photo by Laura]

Cisterns on White

View from above

Upper cistern

Lower cistern

Two frogs on cistern pipe

Frog in cistern

Bigger frog in cistern

Descending on Yellow



Another dry creek bed

Blaze pollution

First open area

Bathed in sun

Sneden ice pond

Narrow path back to car

Young raspberries


Back at playground

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