Landsdown Trail

Landsdown Trail (6/7/2014)

Four years ago we parked on Sidney Road, at the point where the Capoolong Creek Trail crosses, and headed south along that trail to its southern end 3 miles away. We covered 75% of this beautiful rail trail (twice, since it was an out-and-back), leaving the part north of Sidney Road (that last mile) for another day. Today we returned to hike that last mile of the Capoolong Creek trail, and then continued north along the beautiful Landsdown trail all the way to its northern end in the town of Clinton, New Jersey.

It was a gorgeous day, with lots of bird sitings (most too quick to photograph). While we saw only one other person on the Capoolong stretch (a bicyclist), we encountered at least a dozen runners, walkers and bicyclists on the Landsdown trail, a beautifully manicured 2 mile stretch of crushed stone.

Total distance hiked today was 5.8 miles in just a bit over 3 hours, with many spots to take in some birding.

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Sidney Road over Capoolong Creek

Farm barn

Common fleabane

Trail parallels Capoolong Creek


Capoolong Creek

Passing behind houses



Wildflowers abound


Ends at Landsdown Road

Site of old station

Heading east along active RR

Southern end of Landsdown trail

Gray Catbird

One of many bridges

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Capoolong Creek

Beautiful house west

Cardinal (damned auto-focus)

Start of Landsdown

Brown-Headed Cowbird


Lush vegetation...

...along the trail

Gray Catbird eating

View south

Another Gray Catbird eating

And another!

[Photo by Laura]

Red-Winged Blackbird in marsh

View south

Red-Winged Blackbird eating

Red-Winged Blackbird eating

Hampton Inn in distance

Flowers in field

Tree Swallow on line

Crossing at Ramsey Road

Continuing north

Blue Jay

[Photo by Laura]

Passaic River view north

Passaic River view south

Almost at the end

Overprotective House Sparrow

Information sign at northern end

Northern trail head

Music Hall in Clinton

Passing under Interstate 78

Turkey Vulture

Prothonotary Warbler


Green along Passaic River

Don't STOP Believing!

Interesting worn sign

Heading back south

Wildflowers along path

Song Sparrow(?)

Swampy field east

Red-Winged Blackbird in reeds

Mourning Dove


Gorgeous path heading south

American Robin head-on!


Elusive Cardinal


Box turtle

MetLife blimp

Gray Catbird calling

And it had maps!

Gray Catbird calling

Resting deer

Horse tracks

Old railroad spike

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