Laport Reserve

Laport Reserve (3/19/2016)

Last week we visited three small preserves in central New Jersey and had so much fun that we decided to continue our exploration of the smaller hiking areas of central New Jersey today. Once again we visited three more places that are actually within about 3-4 minutes of each other by car. This is the first of the three and one of the strangest we've ever visited. First, the blacktop parking area is large enough to accomodate at least eight cars and yet the trail is only 0.8 miles long and there is nothing else to do here. In fact there is a private residence in the middle and the trail circles around the private property. The path is only blazed on the eastern half so you have to stay on the edge of the property for the other half of the hike, doing a bit of guessing, because the private home is visible a good part of the time and we felt as if we were walking in the owner's backyard.

Total distanced hiked was 0.9 miles (we actually took an incorrect turn and had to backtrack), following this map, in just under 30 minutes.

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