Laurie Chauncey Nature Trail

Laurie Chauncey Nature Trail, Mercer Township (6/25/2016)

This is the second of two areas we visited today in Central New Jersey. This was quite a surprise! The areas where the path skirts the banks of Stony Brook (the northern half of the circuit) is breathtakingly beautiful, and while there are houses on the hill not far away, you always have the feeling of being remote.

Using this map, we parked in the parking lot near Building L, walked across the lawn to the trailhead on ETS Drive, heading east. After reaching Province Line Road we continued in the gasline cut, with beautiful houses on both sides, eventually entering the forest once again when the paved bicycle path heads to Wendower Drive. Within a minute of entering the woods we were on the bank of Stony Brook on the Ettl Farm Trail. This we took to Province Line Road, re-entering the woods on the Laurie Chauncey trail and then once again skirting the banks of Stony Brook, hiking back to the car in the counter-clockwise direction. We didn't see another soul the entire time!

Total distance hiked was 4 miles in two hours.

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