Lemon Squeezer

Lemon Squeezer, Harriman State Park (7/23/2006)

This is Western Hudson Hike #10 ("Lemon Squeezer") from the book Take a Hike: New York City (1st edition) with the addition of a leg of the AT and of the Long Path for a total length of over 4 hours.
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A rainy Appalachian Trail

Curious deer

No longer curious

Morning mist on Green Pond Mountain


Water pump overlooking Island Pond

Island Pond

Fishing on Island Pond

Kayak launch

Algae on the lake


Stone spillway built by the CCC in 1934


Entrance to Lemon Squeezer

Laura about to enter

View in from the entrance

Laura gets squeezed

The width is a maximum of 18"

Dan shimmying through

Dwarfed by the rocks

Slippery climb on wet rocks

Looking down on Lemon Squeezer

Sea of grass


Still drizzling


Intersection of AT and Long Path (51.8 miles to GWB)

Mosquito-infested swamp on Long Path

Rock-smashing tree

Fields of ferns

Fire damage of White Bar trail


On the Arden-Surebridge trail

Red eft

Red eft

Another mosquito-infested swamp

View from Green Pond Mountain

Water break in natural rock shelter

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