Lewis Morris Park

Lewis Morris Park (3/23/2013)

It's been over four years since we hiked this very beautiful, hilly area. At that time we were following a hike in the book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: New York City (2nd edition). So for this hike I tried designing something that used mostly trails we didn't use last time, ending up with something that was about 75% new and which (along with the other hike) covers the vast majority of trails in the park.

Like last time we parked in the lot on CR 510 across from Sunrise Lake. Using this map we first did the 0.85-mile yellow-blazed "Northern Loop" north of the parking lot. Then, crossing CR 510, we continued south on Yellow all the way to Teal which we took east for a short stretch to get to Red which we took south. Next we took Orange east to Yellow which we took north to Green. We continued north on Green to Doe Meadow and then west to Blue. At this point we were planning on heading back to the car (continuing north on Blue). But there was still time to fit in more trails. So we decided to take Blue south instead, then Orange west, then Green north back to the spot where we made the decision. At this point we headed north on Blue back to the car.

Total distance covered was exactly 6 miles in exactly 3 hours.

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Parking lot on CR 510

Liberty Water Gap kiosk

Whippany River view east

Whippany River view west

On Northern Loop


Climbing the loop clock-wise


Beautiful birch

The only blow-down from Sandy!

End of Northern Loop

Bridge over Whippany River

Vegetation at Sunrise Lake

Sunrise Lake

Lady and the lake


Climbing Yellow

[Photo by Laura]

Sandy blow-downs cleared

Creek crossing

Tomfoolery [photo by Laura]



Remains of blow-downs [photo by Laura]

Woodpecker work

On Red

On Red approaching Orange

Still snow in spots

Fire damage

Old growth on Orange

Partial view on Orange

On Orange

A bench on Orange



Mud on Green

Doe Meadow

Picnic benches

Hummingbird feeder?


Green moss on Green

Stream below Green

Stubborn foliage

Horse shoe tracks

Narrow Orange heading west

Bridge below

Creek on Green

Skunk cabbage bud

Wet crossing [photo by Laura]

Look at all those colors!

Water level measure

North on Blue

Pond south of ...

... picnic pavillion

Inside pavillion

Hills north

Run-off from Sunrise Lake



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