Long Hill-Horse Pond Loop

Long Hill-Horse Pond Loop, Long Pond Ironworks State Park (4/26/2015)

Today we decided to head back to a rugged part of Norvin Green State Forest and visit one of the most spectacular vistas in New Jersey, the northern vista on Horse Pond Mountain on the Highlands trail a bit north of its intersection with the Yellow trail. But we did a loop today that visited a few unblazed trails that we never trekked before.

Using this map (our track is highlighted), we parked on Burnt Meadow Road, on the eastern side of the road where there is enough room for 2-3 cars and entered the forest west of the road following the yellow Burnt Meadow trail west, then noth to the blue Hewitt-Butler trail which we took south. This we took to the power line cut with spectacular views from the western-most pylon. Crossing Burnt Meadow Road we continued east into a very wet area (so wet that we were unable to visit the bank of the lake). When we reached the Highlands trail, which comingles with the white-blazed Horse Pond Mountain trail, we went north, passing the intersection with the yellow trail, continuing north to the spectacular view where we had lunch. We retraced the HT back to yellow, which we took west, steeply descending back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 4.4 miles in 3 hours and 15 minutes.

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