Lily Pond

Lily Pond, Harriman State Park (12/31/2011)

For the last hike of 2011, we headed back to Harriman to do a circuit of my own invention made entirely of woods roads, camp roads, unmaintained trails and a small walk on Seven Lakes Drive. Nearly all of it was unblazed, except for the first tenth of a mile or so. We also worked in a spur to the bank of Breakneck Pond.

We parked at the Lake Sebago boat launch on Seven Lakes Drive and started by taking the ski trail NE. At Seven Lakes Drive, instead of continuing on the ski trail (a stretch we already hiked a year ago), we headed north on the shoulder of Seven Lakes Drive, and then headed east on the woods road labeled Pine Meadow Road on the NYNJTC Southern Harriman map. We took this all the way to the woods road labeled Cranberry Mountain Trail and continued on that path east. Before making a left on the pave Old Turnpike, we climbed Cranberry Mountain to the banks of Breakneck Pond, a lovely lunch spot (though in our case it was too early for lunch). Heading NW on Old Turnpike we eventually ended at Lake Welch Drive (which was still open to traffic, surprisingly). We took the unmaintained trail heading west to Lily Pond, another beautiful lunch spot and one that we took advantage of, eating atop a nice rock overlooking the lovely pond.

After lunch we continued west eventually coming out on Lake Welch Drive. We walked the shoulder (less than a few minutes) to Seven Lakes Drive which we took south for not more than 5 minutes, next taking a woods road south, skirting Brundage Hill just north. This turned into a paved camp road which we took to Seven Lakes Drive. We walked the shoulder of that road for not much more than 5 minutes, seeing four deer up close (ironically all the wildlife was on a paved park road). Finally we took the ski path back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was nearly 6 miles in 3.5 hours.

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Lake Sebago

View SW

[Photo by Laura]

Ducks in lake

View west

Grassy ski path


Blazed red


Gate to Pine Meadow Road

Heading east on Pine Meadow

Laura through the "L"


Me taking ... [Photo by Laura]

... this picture


Beautiful birches

Cranberry Mountain Trail

View west

Partial freezing

Ice art

More ice art


Frozen mud

Climbing Cranberry Moutain ...

... on spur trail

Water tanks?

Pipes leading down to camp

Furnace ruins

Bank of Breakneck Lake

View to camp buildings

[Photo by Laura]

Back up Cranberry Mountain

Baby Mountain Laurel on mossy rock!

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laura

Climbing awesome ...

... rock structures ...

... on Cranberry Mountain spur

Dead End [Photo by Laura]

Gazing at the quartz veins

Quartz photography [Photo by Laura]

Quartz and Laura

Gate to Cranberry Mountain Trail

Paved Old Turnpike

Trail tomfoolery

Trail to Lily Pond

Swamp just east of pond

Cat tail

Swamp break

Lily Pond

Our lunch spot

Overlooking the pond

View from lunch spot

Getting back down

Lost glove

Stream from pond


Tiny waterfall

Tiny Christmas tree

Looking for construction year

Icy cliffs on Seven Lakes Drive

[Photo by Laura]

Deer on Seven Lakes Drive

Walking towards them

They bolted ...

... except for one!

View from ski trail

Cascades off ski trail

View to Lake Sebago ...

... just off ski trail

[Photo by Laura]

Lake Sebago

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