Little Dam Lake

Little Dam Lake, Sterling Forest (12/25/2007)

This was yet another hike aborted because of very icy conditions, and on Christmas day no less! I received a $100 gift certificate for Blue Ridge Mountain Sports the previous evening. But they're not open on Christmas day. Hence, without crampons or cleats we tried our best. We parked on East Mombasha Road in Sterling Forest, where the AT crosses. Our intent was to hike west along the AT to Mombasha High Point (about 3 miles away) and then turn back. But the ice proved too much and we turned back after reaching the the first summit of Buchanan Mountain. Undeterred, we crossed the road and headed east on the AT, which took us to the lovely Little Dam Lake where we had lunch near the northern tip before heading back. All in all, we hiked about 3 miles.
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Steep climb from East Mombasha Road

Laura's patented belly flop

The blaze of the AT

It's all hardened snow with ice on top

It's much more slippery than it looks

Beautiful pine needle blanket

View NE


View SE

View of Little Dam Lake [photo by Laura]

And yet more ice

Slippery, as you can see

Little Dam Lake from Buchanan Mountain

Tower in Tuxedo Park

Little Dam Lake

Descending back to the car


Perpetually green moss

Ice on AT east of East Mombasha Road

Inlet of Little Dam Lake

Frozen swamp of inlet

Beaver lodge in inlet

Inlet bridge

View south from inlet bridge

View north from inlet bridge

AT marker southeast of bridge


Colorful silt on inlet

First view of Little Dam Lake

Tiny mushrooms (macro shot)

West bank of lake


Partial view of little dam

Animal tracks on the frozen lake

We had to bushwhack to our lunch spot

Lunch time!

View of lake looking south


Crack in ice across entire lake

Beaver lodge at the southern tip of lake

Back to the inlet

Inlet bridge

Gymnastics [photo by Laura]

Signs of beavers


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