Long Meadow & Townsend Loop

Long Meadow & Townsend Loop, Sterling Forest (2/16/2008)

This circuit hike in the northern part of Sterling Forest is on trails that are relatively new, so much of this hike doesn't appear on the latest NYNJTC map for Sterling Forest (map 100, 3rd edition, June 2005).

Starting at the tiny pull-off on Hall Drive (just off Orange Turnpike in Tuxedo, NY), we headed south on the white-blazed Wildcat Mountain trail (the same trail we took a week ago, from its southern terminus). We next made a right on the Townsend trail, marked as "Proposed" on map 100 but which is now blazed with horizontal green stripe against an orange background. We took this trail south until we noticed an orange triangle trail to our right, heading up the mountain. We took this to its terminus at a dirt road which leads up to a large RF antenna at the top of the hill. We made a right on this dirt road and visited the antenna at the top, with surprisingly limited views of the surrounding area. We returned back to where the orange triangle blaze ended at the dirt road, but continued on the dirt road (now becoming the Townsend trail once again). At the end of the Townsend trail, we made a right on the blue-blazed Long Meadow trail, taking that north back to Orange Turnpike.

This completed the circuit at Hall Drive, but we still hadn't eaten lunch. So we decided to climb Indian Hill and eat lunch at the first viewpoint looking south. We hopped over the barrier on Orange Turnpike, following the white blazes of the Wildcat Mountain trail past the remains of the Southfields Furnace complex. We made a left on the red-blazed Furnace Loop and climbed to Indian Hill where we ate our lunch before returning to the car on Hall Drive.

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Tiny brook crossing at the trail head

Icy brook

Boundary walls remains of Iron Master's house (of Southfields Furnace)

TV and other refuse

Remains of a bed

Water pump?



Ice on everything

But we had our Yaktrax

Waterfall at small reservoir

Frozen reservoir

Ice on the Townsend trail

Brook on Townsend


Breather on the boulders


Photographing grass! [photo by Laura]

Dan on Townsend trail [photo by Laura]

On the orange triangle trail

Ends on the dirt road to antenna

View looking south from antenna road

Climbing antenna road

This road was pretty well plowed!

The prized antenna farm

Photographing icycles!

View of atenna from off Long Meadow trail

Bushwacking off Long Meadow trail

Long Meadow follows a gas line

Taking the next photo ...

Pattern in snow [photo by Laura]

Yeah right! The ENTIRE road is closed!

Sign pollution

Interesting mushrooms

Near northern end of Long Meadow

Bridge over Mombasha Creek ...

... on Wildcat Mountain trail

A vigorous Mombasha Creek

Remains of old railway bridge

[Photo by Laura]

Southfields Furnace

Climbing Indian Hill


Looking nearly straight down at Laura

View SW from Indian Hill

View south

View south (same antenna we visited)

House to the west

Our lunch spot!

[Photo by Laura]


Descending on Furnace Loop trail

Remains of railway bridge


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