Long Mountain

Long Mountain, Harriman State Park (3/20/2010)

This figure-8 incorporates the hike of the week for 3/11/2010 as described on the NYNJTC site. It was a gorgeous day today, sunny and in the 70s, and the first hike in two months that wasn't in snow, so we added a 2-mile loop south of the one described in the link above, comprised of sections of the Popolopen Gorge trail, the Anthony Wayne trail, and a woods road. Last weekend the area got hammered with 3 days of heavy rain (rivers are still overflowing in many spots) so we weren't sure what to expect today. The main evidence of the storm were the countless blow-downs, especially on the several unmarked woods roads we traversed today. Otherwise the trails were fine, no flooding at all on the trails we hiked.

Total distance hiked today was 4.3 miles in approximately 3 hours, including lunch at a gorgeous spot on the banks of Turkey Hill Lake, one of the prettiest spots in all of Harriman!

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Kiosk at the trailhead

That is one weird tree!

Long Mountain looms

Huge formation of Canadian geese

Directions point up


And more climbing


View east

View south to Route 6

Turkey Hill Lake

Route 6

Lady and the lake

More climbing

View south

View east of Bear Mountain

Turkey Hill Lake

On the summit

Spectacular views

Torrey engraving

See the hikers on Popolopen Torne

Popolopen Torne


Perkins Tower ...

... on Bear Mountain

Heading downhill

The Long Path

A very rocky descent

Deep Hollow Brook

Woods road parallel to brook

Water on Popolopen Gorge trail

Eastern bluebird

Popolopen Gorge trail

Aphid on Dan's pants


Southern bank of Turkey Hill Lake

Bear Mountain opposite

View east

View north


[Photo by Laura]

Perkins Tower and ice

Huge boulder

Popolopen Gorge trail along southern bank

[Photo by Laura]

Laura and Long Mountain

Turkey Hill

Our lunch spot

[Photo by Laura]

On Anthony Wayne trail


Close-up of moss

Tangled in prickly bushes on woods road

Huge blow-downs on woods road

Deer hoof and spinal column

Low fire danger

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