Lake Stahahe

Lake Stahahe, Harriman State Park (11/25/2010)

This is a hike of my own design using mostly unblazed woods roads, overgrown in some patches. It traverses the entire perimeter of the southwestern section of Green Pond Mountain, without climbing it, the second half along the western bank of Lake Stahahe.

We parked in the Elk Pen off of Arden Valley Road and headed south on the Arden-Surebridge trail and then south on the Stahahe Brook trail. After crossing over Stahahe Brook on a sturdy marble arch bridge we made a right at the fork and headed on the woods road south. This is the path of the old Arden Road dating back to 1894, commemorated in a stone memorial a bit before the Smithfield Pedestrian Bridge. This part of the woods road runs parallel to the New York Thruway, though above it. Still, the sound of the cars makes this one of the noisiest stretches of trail in Harriman.

The highway noise subsides when the woods road veers left away from the Thruway and begins to climb. The noise disappears completely when the woods road reaches its southern-most point at Route 106. Continuing on the road around the southern tip of Green Pond Mountain we got our first views of Lake Stahahe from its western bank, passing several stone park buildings on the way. We headed north along the bank, passing interesting ruins while glimpsing lots of park buildings on the eastern bank. Eventually the Nurian trail joined from the left. This trail we took north to the Stahahe Brook trail, which led us back to the stone bridge over Stahahe Brook (where we crossed earlier). Back on the stick of the lollipop we continued north back to the Elk Pen.

Total distance hiked today was 5.4 miles in less than 3 hours, but without the additional exploring that we did, it would have been just over 5 miles, and mostly level.

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Hikers at foot of Green Pond Mountain

Elk Pen kiosk

Heading east to trail

Agony Grind west

Heading south on A-S

Beautiful path


A-S & Stahahe Brook intersection

View of Agony Grind


Sterling Forest west

Beautiful bridge over ...

... Stahahe Brook


Solid rock

South on Arden Road

Fence along the side

Sterling Forest on other side

NY Thruway ...

... on other side of fence

View north

Fawn skeleton?

View to Sterling Forest

1894 Road Monument ...

... in the middle of nowhere


Southfield Pedestrian Bridge

Over NY Thruway

Laura on bridge

It's part of Nurian trail

Woodpecker grafitti

Road starts to climb a bit

Long boundary wall

A gradual ascent


Blueberry bushes, etc.

Now heading NE

First view of Lake Stahahe

Pave road into camp

Stahahe High Peak looms over lake

Boat launch

CCC building


Pipeline ...

... along western bank

Camp buildings on eastern bank

Stahahe High Peak


Pipe and telephone line in ground

Remains of latrine?

Low telephone line

Abandoned cement foundation

Beautiful winding road


Boats across ...

... Lake Stahahe

Continuing north

Downy woodpecker

Building remains on Nurian trail

Creek crossing

Back to the bridge [photo by Laura]

View west

Cascades upstream

Heading back north

View to Sterling Forest

Approaching Elk Pen

Agony Grind west

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