MacMillan Reservoir

MacMillan Reservoir, Ramapo Valley County Reservation (10/26/2012)

We haven't hiked in this park for over two years, mostly because the parking area and area near it are extremely crowded on weekends, even though the park isn't built up. On a given Saturday there can be hundreds of dogwalkers, joggers and strollers. But most of the action is within a half-mile of the very large parking lot. Once you get further in you may not see another soul. We took today, Friday, off to view the last fall foliage before a monster hurricane named Sandy gets here in a few days. The storm projection shows it hitting land in New Jersey, a very rare event. Even if it doesn't hit us head-on, the winds generated by this very huge storm will be felt along the entire east coast, so chances are all of the leaves will be off the trees and on the ground by Halloween.

Today we did the Hike of the Week for 12/26/2002 (updated on 4/15/2012) as described on the NYNJTC site, but with the addition of a complete loop around MacMillan Reservoir following an unmaintained trail along the bank. The majority of the ground covered are on trails we haven't hiked in the past. And, as you can see in the photos, the fall foliage was absolutely stunning.

Total distance hiked today was nearly 6.5 miles in under 4 hours.

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Kiosk at trail head

Swamp near trail head

Fishing in the Ramapo River

Ramapo River looking south

Fall foliage over ...

... Scarlet Oak Pond

Tangles on Schuber trail


Ramapo River

Tree tomfoolery

Schuber parallels river

Rock hopping

Foliage at intersection

Bridge on Schuber


Pink explosion ...

... near stream

Remains ...

... of camp ...

... stone ...

... cabin

Beautiful waterfall ...

... below Schuber

Intense ...

... fall foliage ...

... along ...

... Schuber trail

Stream below ...

... Schuber trail


Bridge amidst yellow

Silver trail looking east

Dam at MacMillan Reservoir

Rocky outcrop on eastern bank

[Photo by Laura]

Red explosion

Various ...

... views of ...

... MacMillan Reservoir ...

... from eastern bank

Giant rock at northern bank

[Photo by Laura]


Crossing over ...

... inlet stream to north

Rock at northern tip


Views ...

... from ...

... western bank

Foliage on ...

... Yellow-Silver trail

Old mill race channel

Amazing color ...

... on Marsh Loop

Back on Schuber

On Ridge trail

Lots of leaf drop

Rocky Mountain through trees

Remaining green

Climbing on Ridge trail

Leafy carpet

Maple color

View point off Ridge trail

Zoom view

Various ...

... views ...

... from ...

... our lunch spot

Zoom south

Hill mansions


Descending on Ridge trail

Huge mushrooms on downed tree

Picnic table at ...

... Scarlet Oak Pond

A lone swan ...

... preening in the lake


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