Manitoga (7/11/2010)

Manitoga was the home of American industrial designer Russel Wright. It's now owned by the state and offers a network of nicely blazed trails high above the Hudson with a connecting trail leading to the Appalachian Trail. Today we followed the white-blazed Lost Pond loop in a clock-wise direction beginning at the parking area. We added the two yellow spur trails, one to the interesting rock formations (Boulders Osio) to the east of Wright's house (Dragon Rock) and the other at the eastern part of the property with terrific sweeping views of the Hudson River. In addition, we decided to head to the AT and hiked a loop around Curry Pond which included the Osborn Loop trail, the Curry Pond trail, and the AT.

Total distance today was 5.5 miles in about 3.5 hours.

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Guide Building

Pond below Dragon Rock

Dragon Rock nestled above

Trail head

Remnants of quarrying


Rhododendron thicket

Boulders Osio

At Boulders Osio

Boulders Osio

Dragon Rock from above

Side of Dragon Rock

Tree and rock steps inside

View of pond from house

Dragon Rock

At the dry waterfall

The house and the lake

Huge hook in rock

Mushroom on trail


Frog hiding

Less shy frog

Beautiful mushroom


Partial view to the west

More climbing

More rhododendron

Lost Pond

Frog at Lost Pond

Another frog at Lost Pond

Lost Pond


Tiny frog

Connector trail to AT

On Osborn Loop trail

Path to Curry Pond

Grass in Curry Pond

Curry Pond

Lily pads on Curry Pond

Frog in Curry Pond

Remants of something near Curry Pond



On the AT


Back on Osborn

View from Yellow spur

Taking a break

Boats on the Hudson

View across the river


View southwest

View northwest

View directly west

[Photo by Laura]

Jet skis on the Hudson

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